Mentor and Legacy Recognition Programs


The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Mentor Recognition Program gives members a unique avenue to recognize the professional mentors or colleagues who have influenced their careers. The program allows such members to make a contribution designated for special activities in the name of the honored person. Some mentor programs choose to fund scholarships, grants, or awards. Others underwrite hands-on learning opportunities like competitive education, internships, and RMC symposia.

The AMSA Legacy Recognition Program recognizes members whose impact on the industry has formed a lasting legacy that fundamentally changed the meat industry. The Legacy program funds are targeted to the Council's Innovation Fund, a general fund that underwrites and grows programs and services of the American Meat Science Association and has the potential to reach the largest possible audience.

Current Mentor and Legacy Recognition Funds

Recognition of a Meat Science Mentor

  • A formalized fully funded Meat Science Mentor Recognition established with the AMSA Development Council will provide the following:
  • Public recognition for the professional accomplishments of a member of AMSA whose contributions to meat sciences have been national/international in scope.
  • Both recognition of and on-going financial support for an area championed by the honoree in the form of an endowment established for a specific purpose. ($25,000 or greater)
  • Recognition of honored individuals and donors in an annual publication of the Association.
  • A plaque presented to the honoree.

Procedures and Polices for Establishing a Mentor Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mentor Program

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