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Consumer-Oriented Information

We have begun compiling a list of web sources for consumers who want more information about meat and animal agriculture. The list is not exhaustive, but represents sites that AMSA member scientists have recommended.

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Scientific Associations & Publications

International Congress of Meat Science & Technology Proceedings Archive (DigICoMST)
American Society of Animal Science 
Institute of Food Technologists 
CAST Council for Agricultural Science and Technology  

The American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists 
International Association for Food Protection


Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) 
Agricultural Research Service (ARS) 
Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) 
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) 
FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition 
FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine 
National Agricultural Library 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Industry Organizations

American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) 
American Meat Institute (AMI) 
Food Marketing Institute 
National Cattlemen's Beef Association 
National Pork Board 
National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
North American Meat Processors Association 
Southwest Meat Association  
U.S. Meat Export Federation

Trade Publications

Meat & Poultry
Meatingplace Magazine
The National Provisioner 
Wattnet Home Page  (Meat Processing)

Other Resources

American Council on Science and HealthThe Food Safety Consortium 
International HACCP Alliance 
The Meat Inspector's Home Page 
Livestock Virtual Library 
Pharmacia Animal Health 
Pork Information Gateway

Bovine Myology & Muscle Profiling
Porcine Myology

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