AMSA Professional Member Awards Program

The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Award Committees seeks nominations for the 2024 AMSA Professional Awards. AMSA highly encourages self-nomination for all awards. 

Award Guidelines and Descriptions---2024

Professional Award Timeline

For the honored Signal Service and R.C. Pollock awards, names of deserving AMSA members may be submitted to the board of directors (BOD) for consideration. However, please note that nominated individuals may or may not make the final ballot voted on by BOD.

Award: An honorarium, and an appropriate memento.

Purpose: To recognize outstanding research in the meat industry. 

Distinguished Extension-Industry Service Award

Award: Honorarium, and an appropriate memento.

Purpose: To recognize outstanding achievement in the field of meat science extension and/or industry service. 

Distinguished Teaching Award

Award: An honorarium, and an appropriate memento.

Purpose: To recognize excellence in teaching of undergraduate and graduate meat science courses. 

Award: An honorarium, and an appropriate memento.

Purpose: To recognize those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in an area related to the meat industry.

Award: An appropriately engraved plaque

Purpose: To recognize outstanding contributions or service to the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Program. 

Achievement Award

Award: An appropriate memento and a plaque

Purpose: To recognize and foster development of young AMSA members (academic, industry, government) who have demonstrated significant skills and contribution to the animal products industry and the American Meat Science Association.  


  • To honor an individual for internationally recognized contributions to the field of meat science and technology.
  • To recognize the recipient’s active leadership and promotion of international activities in fostering cooperation and open communication, and the dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of society through meat science and technology.
  • To provide an opportunity for the recipient to share his/her expertise with the AMSA membership.
    To enhance, expand and promote the international scope of the AMSA.

Selection: The Reciprocal Meat Conference Program Planning Committee will select the recipient of the award based on the eligibility criteria. The committee will request recommendations from the AMSA membership, but is free to select any individual who meets the following criteria. The recommendation must include the name and affiliation of the individual and a brief statement of qualification, no more than 2 pages. Nominations for 2024 are closed, for 2025 nominations please contact Deidrea Mabry , for more information.