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American Meat Science Association Student Scholarship Opportunities

AMSA Scholarship Programs encourage and support graduate and undergraduate education and research in animal, food, and allied industries.

If you have any questions, please email  Joanna Hardcastle.

AMSA Development Council Scholarships

Policies & Requirements

Unless specified in the award descriptions below, the following apply to all student grant and scholarship programs of AMSA.

1. AMSA student members from accredited colleges and universities are eligible.
2. Age, gender, race, religion or national origin are not conditions of eligibility for any AMSA scholarship award.
3. A minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0 is required for consideration.
4. Prior recipients of any grant or scholarship are not eligible for that same award in a subsequent year.
5. Students may be enrolled as undergraduates or graduate students, or have graduated not more than four months prior to the application deadline.
6. The AMSA Scholarship Committees evaluates all applications and makes the final decision on all awards.
7. Incomplete applications and applications in which the grades have not been converted to the A=4.0 system will be disqualified. Applications received after the deadline will be disqualified.

Student Award and Scholarship Opportunities-

Awards and Scholarships Open: January 11, 2024

Awards and Scholarship Close: February 28, 2024

What do you need to have ready to apply via the scholarship application?

  1. Cover Letter- The student shall write a cover letter describing his/her interest in meat science, possible career choice, and the purpose for applying for the scholarship(s). This should include details regarding: Need of financial support and Reasons for attending the conference, etc.
  2. Resume-The resumé will be evaluated on the basis of its suitability to accompany a job application in the meat and food industry.
  3. Student Unofficial Transcript
  4. If applicable, any additional items outlined in the specific scholarship requirements (found in each award descriptions above). 

Submitting Application

Students must apply to each scholarship individually, to ensure students are eligible for the specific award.

Applications should be combined into one PDF file titled "Name of Nominee_Name of Scholarship", which should also be included in the email subject line. Applications will be submitted to Joanna Hardcastle at

-Exceptions Include: Phi Tau Sigma and Dr. Bobby VanStavern Scholarships 

2023 Scholarship Recipients

  • Robert Cassens Award- Megan Eckhardt- West Texas A&M University
  • Hunter International Travel Award- Sarah Bludau- Iowa State University
  • Kinsman International Award- Sarah Bludau- Iowa State University
  • C. Boyd Ramsey RMC Scholar Award- Jacob Bagby- Texas Tech University, Elizabeth Neal- University of Arkansas, Ambri Harrigal- West Texas A&M University, Grace Harris- Oklahoma State University, Bailey Hauge- Iowa State University, and Abigail Tack- Texas A&M University
  • Robert Rust Award- Hailey Spray- Oklahoma State University