Mentor Recognition Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Meat Science Mentor Recognition program?

A: This is a new program initiated by the AMSA Development Council and the AMSA Board to provide a mechanism for members to contribute to the Council in a way that will recognize the achievements of a current or former AMSA member.

Q: Who can initiate and contribute to a Mentor Recognition?

A: Any AMSA member can initiate and any individual or organization can contribute to a Mentor Recognition to recognize a professional mentor or a colleague who has influenced their career or made a major contribution to their organization.

Q: What is the size of a fully funded Mentor Recognition?

A: The minimum size of a fully-funded Recognition is $25,000.

Q: What will be the designated use of these new funds?

A: The funds will support an area championed by the honoree. (For example, RMC, AMSA symposia, undergraduate and graduate student activities, AMSA awards, etc.)

Q: Who can be honored?

A: Any current or former member of AMSA. Posthumous awards can be made in honor of a deceased AMSA member.

Q: How can an individual or organization initiate a Meat Science Mentor Recognition?

A: To establish a Mentor Recognition, the person(s) leading the initiative would submit a proposal to the chair of the AMSA Development Council and the AMSA Chief Executive Officer. The proposal would name the honoree, list the specific purpose for the funds that would be generated by the Recognition, and describe the potential supporters and activities to achieve the minimum $25,000 fully-funded status.

Q: Why has this program been established?

A: Following the successful lead of other scientific societies, AMSA has established this program to provide a service to its members, and to help support programs that will strengthen the association.

Q: How can I obtain more information about initiating a Mentor Recognition?

A: More detailed information is available by contacting the AMSA CEO.

Mentor Recognition Overview

Procedures and Polices for Establishing a Mentor Recognition