66th ICoMST and the 73rd RMC

The program will include keynote sessions, concurrent sessions, and (because of the combination with RMC) some reciprocation sessions – which offer the opportunity to dialogue on important world meat industry issues.

The synergy of a joint ICoMST/RMC (the AMSA Reciprocal Meat Conference) meeting will be exciting and will create a venue that fosters innovation, enthusiasm, and progress for meat science, meat scientists, and the meat industry, all while respecting the traditions of ICoMST.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Headliner: Global Nutrition Security

Big Impact Technology Solutions For Smallholder Farmers
            Speaker: Pierre Ferrari, CEO Heifer International

Keynote Session:      

  • Meat in the Human Diet
    • Speakers: Frederic Leroy, Ph.D. University of Brussel and Nancy R. Rodriguez, PhD, RD, FACSM; Professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut

Morning Concurrent Sessions will include:

  • Food Waste
    • Speakers Pending
  • Alternative Sources of Protein
    • Speakers: Andrea M. Liceaga, Ph.D.,  Purdue University and Poulson Joseph, Kalsec
  • What Is New in the Science of Meat Quality?
    • Speakers: Jean-François Hocquette. Ph.D., INRA and Ramanathan Ranjith, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
  • New Technologies in Meat Quality Assessment
    • Speakers Pending

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions will include:

  • Improving Productivity
    • Speakers: Veronica Nigh, American Farm Bureau Federation and Jason Strong CEO Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Gaining Access to Global Food Trade
    • Speakers: Kent D. Sisson, SIAM Professionals, LLC. and Cheikh Fall, Ph.D. Consultant
  • Global Livestock Production Sustainability
    • Speakers Pending
  • BBQ Boot Camp
    • Speakers Pending

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Headliner: Future of Science & Innovation

            Speaker: Jack Uldrich, Futurist 

Keynote Sessions:

  • State of Microbiome Research
    • Speaker Pending
  • Innovation for Meat Safety
    • Speakers: Manpreet Singh, Ph.D., University of Georgia; Nick Roth, Empirical Foods;Linda Saucier. Ph.D. Laval University and Pablo Rovira, Ph.D. INI

Concurrent Sessions

  • Meat & Poultry Quality
    • Speakers: Massimiliano (Max) Petracci, Ph.D., University of Bologna and Robyn Warner, Ph.D., University of Melbourne
  • Food Safety
    • Speakers: Kendra Waldbrusser, Pilgrim’s  and John Schmidt, Ph.D., USDA ARS
  • Microbiome
    • Speakers:  Johanna Björkroth, Ph.D., University of Helsinki and Stephen Schmitz-Esser, Animal Metagenomics, Iowa State University
  • Meat Processing
    • Speakers: Fidel Toldra, Ph.D., Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos and Koo Bok Chin, Ph.D., Chonnam National University

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Headliner: Professional Development -

Unlocking the KSA’s of Animal Protein Scientists for the Middle 21st Century”

            Speaker - Ronnie Green, Ph.D., Chancellor, University of Nebraska

Keynote Session:

  • Animal Welfare
    • Speakers: Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Colorado State University and Karen Schwean-Lardner, PhD., University of Saskatchewan

Reciprocation Sessions over 20 different topics

Will be posted in February of 2020! 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Headliner: Corporate Responsibility

            Speakers: Donnie Smith, Tyson CEO Emeritus and Jeff Simmons, President and CEO, Elanco Animal Health

General Session:

  • International Collaboration on Agriculture and Water Sustainability
    • Speakers: Courtney Hall, Cargill; Hannah Birge, Ph.D., TNC and Diane Herdon, Nestle Purina
  • Corporate Responsibility and Giving Back
    • Speakers pending

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