AMSA RMC 2017 - Monday Technical Sessions

Monday, June 25

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Keynote Speaker: Karl Brophy,CEO, Red Flag

Sponsored by Smithfield Foods
Session proceedings recording funded by the Beef Checkoff

Presentation Topic:  Out of the Frying Pan and Off the Fire: Global Politics Looking to Take Meat off the Menu” will be led by Karl Brophy, the Founder and CEO of Red Flag, a global risk analysis and campaigning agency.  With Brophy’s experience and knowledge of working with some of the world's largest corporations and industry associations he has great insights to share regarding global political trends. The once niche topics of food science, nutrition and safety have changed dramatically.  International bodies like the World Health Organization and dogmatic activists are increasingly influencing food regulation using skilled communication techniques.  Where have we been? What have we learned? And how are we going to counter these trends?

10:00 am–12:00 pm

Concurrent Technical Session I -Applied and Omic Approaches to Fresh Meat Quality Defects

  Session proceedings recording funded by the Beef Checkoff

  •  Proteomic Approach to Biochemically Characterize Poultry Meat Quality Defects
    Speaker: Wes Schilling, Ph.D., Professor of Meat Science, Mississippi State University
  • Proteomics and Genomics of Dark Cutting Beef
    Speaker:  Heather Bruce, Ph.D., Professor of Carcass and Meat Science and Director of Meat Education and Training Network for Assuring Meat Safety and Quality, University of Alberta
  • Metabolomics of Dark-Cutting Beef
    Speaker: Ranjith Ramanathan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Meat Science, Oklahoma State University

Concurrent Technical Session II - State of the Domestic and Global Meat Industry

   Sponsored by the National Pork Board
     Session proceedings recording funded by the Beef Checkoff

  • Production and Economic Balance in Domestic and Export Markets
    Speaker: Keith Belk, Ph.D., Professor and Holder of the Ken & Myra Monfort Endowed Chair in Meat Science, Colorado State University
  • Kicking U.S. Exports of Pork Up a Notch: Delivering Producer Returns During a Critical Time
    Speaker: Craig Morris, Ph.D., Vice President, International Marketing, National Pork Board
  • Stop Thinking About Your Consumers. Think LIKE Them
    Speaker: Molly McAdams, Ph.D., Principal, Om3

Concurrent Technical Session III -  Today & Tomorrow – Advancements in Cultured Protein

    Sponsored by Cargill
    Session proceedings recording funded by the Beef Checkoff

  • Farming Cells: Opportunities and Advances in Clean Meat
    Speaker: . Liz Specht, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Good Food Institute
  • Venture Capital Interest and Support for Alternative Proteins
    Speaker: Lisa Feria, Chief Executive Officer, Stray Dog Capital
  • Memphis Meat Production: Bridging Culture and Tradition with Innovation
    Speaker:  Eric Schulze, Ph.D., Vice President of Product and Regulation, Memphis Meats

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