AMSA 74th RMC - Monday, August 16, 2021

Keynote Presentation

Navigating the Future of Meat– Jack Bobo, CEO, Futurity
Sponsored by Cargill

Concurrent Sessions:

Best Practices for Spices, Seasonings, and Flavors
Sponsored by Givaudan Flavors

This session will provide an overview of best practices for spices, seasonings, and flavors in processed meats. The speakers will share their expertise in the basics of flavor, how spices and seasons can interact with meat components in flavor development and product success. The regulatory aspects to be considered while using spices and seasonings will also be discussed.

  •  Spices, Seasonings and Flavors – Achieving the Desired Result - Dr. James Lamkey, Givaudan Flavors
  • Leveraging the Understanding of Meat Flavor for Product Success- Dr. Rodrigo Tarte, Iowa State University
  • Regulatory Aspects of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavors in Processed Meats - Kelly Kleinsmith, Johnsonville, LLC

Pre-Harvest Factors Influencing the Biology of Skeletal Muscle as Food
Sponsored by Texas Tech University

This concurrent session covers the latest developments on growth promotants in meat animal production, maternal nutrition and meat quality of progeny, and thermal stress challenges in chicken and turkey muscles. The session features Dr. Gale Strasburg of Michigan State University, Dr. Bradley Johnson of Texas Tech University, and Dr. Amanda Blair of South Dakota State University.

  • Impact of Growth Promotion on Meat Quality Characteristics - Bradley Johnson, Ph.D., Texas Tech University
  • Effects of Early Thermal Challenge on Poultry Muscle Growth, Development, and Meat Quality – Gale Strasburg, Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • Maternal Nutrition and Meat Quality of Progeny– Amanda Blair, Ph.D., South Dakota State University

Food Waste/Food Insecurity
Sponsored by Nestle Purina

The program will be able to highlight Feeding America no matter what Walmart does just because of all the good that they do.  Pat Bourke from Tyson as well has a strong message on how they move poultry into donation channels wherever they can and it makes sense.

  • Donations of Meat and Poultry Including Date Labeling - Jeff Canavan, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA and Teresa Carpenter, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA\
  • Food Alone Will Not End Hunger - Pat Bourke, Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • Meat Industry Solutions to reduce food waste and Help Solve Hunger in America - Joe Weeden, Feeding America

2:00-3:00 pm Reciprocation Sessions

Oxidative Stability in Muscle Food Systems: Mechanistic Advances in Design and Application of Natural Antioxidants
Sponsored by Kalsec
Speakers: Poulson Joseph, Ph.D., and Alessandra Pham-Mondala, Ph.D., Kalsec
**Presenters will present virtually. **
Moderator: Thu Dinh, Ph.D., Mississippi State University

WHO are the Plant-Based Protein Consumers and WHY Do They Eat it?
Sponsored by Cargill
Speakers: Lucy Woods, Cargill and Mark Fahlin, Cargill
Moderator: Christine Quinlan, Ph.D., Tyson Foods, Inc.

Ten Things I Learned the Hard Way That You Won’t Have To
Sponsored by Kemin Food Technologies
In Partnership with Women’s Meat Industry Network (WMIN)
Panelists: Amanda Houser, Ph.D, Kemin Industries; Bailey Harsh, Ph.D., University of Illinois; and Angie Krieger, National Pork Board
Moderator: Sharon Beals, CTI Foods

e-Posters – Chairman selected sessions
Sponsored by bioMérieux
Presenters: Nicole Kibler, Iowa State University; Cole Reesman, Oklahoma State University and the Dr. Bobby VanStavern Award for Beef Quality Research Award winner
Moderator: Marcee Cooke, American Meat Science Association

The Impact of Swine Gut Microbiome on Animal Production, Pork Safety and Quality
Sponsored by JBT
Speaker: Jiangchao Zhao, Ph.D., University of Arkansas
Moderator: Andrew Clarke, Ph.D., University of Missouri

Increasing Consumer Demand for Fresh Pork Through Pork Quality Improvement
Sponsored by the National Pork Board
Speaker: Anna Dilger, Ph.D., University of Illinois
Moderator: Tracy Scheffler, Ph.D., University of Florida

What Happened? COVID-19 and the Meat Industry
Sponsored by Hormel Foods Corporation
Speaker: KatieRose McCullough, Ph.D., North American Meat Institute
Moderator: Liz Boyle, Ph.D., Kansas State University

4:00-5:00 pm Reciprocation Sessions

Practical (and Not Yet Quite Practical) Applications of Genomic Technologies to Improve Meat Quality
Sponsored by Mirasco
Speaker: Cedric Gondro, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Moderator: Keith Underwood, Ph.D., South Dakota State University

Linking Feeding Systems to the Nutrient Profile of Beef and Human Health
Sponsored by American Foods Group
Speaker: Jennifer Fenton, Ph.D., Michigan State University
**Presenter will present virtually. **
Moderator: Aaron Tapian, Tyson Foods, Inc.

A Novel Amino Acid Based Alternative Curing System
Sponsored by The Kraft Heinz Company
Speaker: Wes Osburn, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Moderator: Christine Quinlan, Ph.D., Tyson Foods, Inc.

High Steaks Engagement in the Virtual Learning Environment
Sponsored by Food Safety Net Services
Speaker: Candice Belandres, Tableau
Moderator: Michael Dikeman, Ph.D., Kansas State University

Utilizing Collagen Crosslinks as Markers for Sensory Improvement of Lower Quality Beef Cuts
Sponsored by Mirasco
Speaker: Michael Chao, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Moderator: Youling Xiong, Ph.D., University of Kentucky


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