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AMSA Development Council

Mission and Goals

Our values are the same as our membership's: to make a real difference through high integrity meat science. Established in 2001 by the AMSA membership, the council's mission is to generate and allocate resources to support and enhance educational programs and the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in meat science. AMSA members desire to make it possible for the world to enjoy safe, affordable, abundant, nutritious meat that improves health and longevity and productivity. To help create this future, the AMSA Development Council has the vision to fund new and ongoing AMSA programs that recruit and develop students and young professionals and strengthen careers that help feed the world.

The Work of the Council

  • Develop and implement strategies through which the Council may solicit, receive and distribute contributions.
  • Allocate resources consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, the wishes of the donor, and the goals and objectives of AMSA.
  • Ensure prudent investment of contributions made to the Council.
  • Develop and maintain procedures for donor recognition.


Council Members

AMSA Mentorship Funds

Mark Miller, Candidate for Mentor Recognition

AMSA is proud to announce the formation of a Mentor Recognition fund in honor of Dr.  Mark Miller. 

Dr. Miller is the definition of passionate. His passion for people inspires us all to think bigger, take a chance and have faith in whatever we do.  Dr. Miller has dedicated his life to mentoring students to strive for excellence in all things. He has truly impacted so many lives through his dedication to push students to be their best while caring unconditionally about them. He has served as advisor to numerous graduate students, many of which are current leaders in the meat industry and other important parts of animal agriculture and has developed a nationally recognized meat judging program.

Our goal is to secure a minimum of $100,000 to fully endow this Mentorship fund. We respectfully ask for your consideration in donating to this amazing mentor who has had a lasting impact on the careers of many throughout his teaching career. 

Dr. Miller is, without question, one of the greatest mentors in meat science and it is time that we give back to a person who has given so much to many of us. Giving to this mentorship will have a tremendous and lasting impact on not only the future of the meat industry but the leaders of tomorrow. 

Continuing the Legacy

Dr. Miller would like to focus the mentorship in the area of supporting student educational events with the priority to Intercollegiate Meat Judging.

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