Vern R. Cahill, Ph.D.

Vern Cahill

A mentor recognition fund in the name of Vern Cahill was started in January, 2008. Dr. Cahill was one of the founding members of the Reciprocal Meat Conference. The lifetime of contributions made by Dr. Cahill to the meat industry, students, national and international research, and AMSA (past Director, 1976-78; RMC Chair, 1958 &1978; and multiple Award winner: Distinguished Teaching Award 1967, Signal Service Award 1979, and R.C. Pollock Award 1993) are numerous and impressive. Dr. Cahill and his wife Ruth have continued to remain very active and support the RMC and the American Meat Science Association.

The funds raised from the mentor recognition are used to fund the endowment of the R.C. Pollock Award.

If you would like to help recognize Dr. Cahill by contributing to the fund, make a donation online or contact AMSA Executive Director Thomas Powell (tpowell@meatscience.org) for more information.


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