Gordon W. Davis, Ph.D.

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"It's all about the kids"

Gordon W. Davis is the founder of CEV Multimedia, Inc. and currently serves as the company chairman. Through the facets of his professional career, Gordon has believed it is important to "give back" at all levels, whether university, education, business or society.

Davis started as an intern high school teacher in 1968. He earned two B.S. degrees from Washington State University in the 1960s. He was an instructor at Texas A&M University for while finishing M.S. and Ph.D. requirements, followed by 13 years as a faculty member at the University of Tennessee and Texas Tech University. In 1984, Davis embarked on an entrepreneurial experience when he started CEV, now the nation's leading producer of Career & Technical Education (CTE) educational materials.

Whether on the high school, university or business level, Davis has a total commitment to upholding the highest standards of scientific investigation and professional comportment.  Additionally, he has an uncompromising commitment to the advancement of knowledge, not only for himself, his students and his family, but equally for the millions of viewers of CEV materials.

Throughout his 48-year career, Davis has received 49 university, business and industry awards.  He graciously attributes this success to the “players” with which he has been associated. In 2012, CEV Multimedia was named to both the Governor’s State of Texas Small Business Award and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Blue Ribbon Small Business Award lists— awards for which Davis and CEV are extremely proud.

Continuing the Legacy

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