The Distinguished Research Award

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The AMSA Distinguished Research Award was established in 1965 and recognizes members with outstanding research contributions to the meat industry.

Ranjith Ramanathan, Ph.D.


Distinguished Research

Oklahoma State University

"I feel very fortunate to work with outstanding mentors, colleagues, graduate and undergraduate students, and industry. It was truly rewarding to apply some of the basic and applied concepts to solve meat color issues."

- Ranjith Ramanathan, Ph.D.


Distinguished Research by American Meat Science Association

2022 Surendranath, Suman University of Kentucky
2021 Barbut, Shai University of Guelph
2020 Johnson, Bradley Texas Tech University
2019 Miller, Mark  Texas Tech University
2018 Brashears, Mindy Texas Tech University
2017 Belk, Keith  Colorado State University 
2016 Johnson, Dwain  University of Florida 
2015 Miller, Rhonda
Texas A&M University
2014 Shackelford, Steven USMARC
2013 Wheeler, Tommy L. USDA Agricultural Research Service
2012 Lonergan, Steven M. Iowa State University
2011 Calkins, Chris University of Nebraska
2010 Toldra, Fidel Instituto De Agroquimica Y Technologia de Alimentos
2009 Huff Lonergan, Elisabeth J. Iowa State University
2008 Hunt, Melvin C. Kansas State University
2007 Gerrard, David E. Purdue University
2006 Dikeman, Michael E. Kansas State University
2005 Sebranek, Joseph G. Iowa State University
2004 McKeith, Floyd K. University of Illinois
2003 Olson, Dennis G. Surebeam Corporation
2002 Solomon, Morse B. USDA Agricultural Research Service
2001 Tatum, J. Daryl Colorado State University
2000 Faustman, L. Cameron University of Connecticut
1999 Xiong, Youling L. University of Kentucky
1998 Smith, Steven B. Texas A & M University
1997 Smith, Denise M. Michigan State University
1996 Beerman, Donald H. Cornell University
1995 Carpenter, John A. University of Georgia
1994 Sofos, John N. Colorado State University
1993 Koohmaraie, Mohammad U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1992 Kotula, Anthony W. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1991 Savell, Jeff W. Texas A & M University
1990 Cross, H. Russell Texas A & M University
1989 Stromer, Marvin H. Iowa State University
1988 Campion, Dennis R. University of Georgia
1987 Parrish, Jr., Fredrick C. Iowa State University
1986 Aberle, Elton D. University of Nebraska
1985 Dutson, Thane R. Michigan State University
1984 Robson, R. M. Iowa State University
1983 Field, Ray A. University of Wisconsin
1982 Smith, Gary C. Texas A & M University
1981 Greaser, Marion L. University of Wisconsin
1980 Allen, C. E. University of Minnesota
1979 Carpenter, Zerle L. Texas A & M University
1978 Ayres, J. C. University of Georgia
1977 Wasserman, A. E. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1976 Wierbicki, E. U. S. Army Natick R & D Command
1975 Locker, R. H. Meat Industry Research Institute New Zealand
1974 Judge, Max D. Purdue University
1973 Hamm, Reiner E. German Federal Institute of Meat Research
1972 Goll, Darrell E. Iowa State University
1971 Cassens, Robert G. University of Wisconsin
1970 Marsh, B. Bruce Meat Industry Research Institute New Zealand
1969 Bray, Robert W. University of Wisconsin
1968 Bendall, J. R. Cambridge Low Temperature Research Station
1967 Lawrie, Ralston A. University of Nottingham
1966 Briskey, E. J. University of Wisconsin
1965 Pearson, A. M. Michigan State University