The Distinguished Teaching Award

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The AMSA Distinguished Teaching Award was established in 1965 and recognizes excellence in the teaching of undergraduate and graduate meat science courses, influencing the lives of students in a highly positive manner.

Stacy Zuelly, Ph.D.

Distinguished Teaching

Purdue University

"It is my greatest honor to serve the agricultural community, specifically the meat science world, as an educator. My students bring me joy and purpose that goes beyond words. I pray I can inspire them as much as they inspire me."

- Stacy Zuelly, Ph.D.


Distinguished Teaching by American Meat Science Association

2022 Carr, Chad University of Florida
2021 Woerner, Dale Texas Tech University
2020 Huff Lonergan, Elisabeth Iowa State University
2019 Mafi, Gretchen  Oklahoma State University
2018 Henson, John  California State University
2017 Doumit, Matthew  University of Idaho
2016 Berg, Eric  North Dakota State University 
2015 Claus, Jim University of Wisconsin
2014 Vanoverbeke, Deborah Oklahoma State University
2013 Wiegand, Bryon University of Missouri
2012 Pringle, T. Dean. University of Georgia
2011 Brooks, J. Chance Texas Tech University
2010 Mills, Edward The Pennsylvania State University
2009 Kerth, Chris Auburn University
2008 Lonergan, Steven M. Iowa State University
2007 Wulf, Duane M. South Dakota State University
2006 Miller, Rhonda K. Texas A&M University
2005 Morgan, James Brad Oklahoma State University
2004 Unruh, John A. Kansas State University
2003 Tatum, J. Daryl Colorado State University
2002 Jones, Steven J. University of Nebraska
2001 Miller, Markus F. Texas Tech University
2000 Henderson, Dean W. University of Wisconsin
1999 Carr, Tom R. University of Illinois
1998 Ramsey, C. Boyd Texas Tech University
1997 Savell, Jeff W. Texas A & M University
1996 Dolezal, H. Glen Oklahoma State University
1995 Sebranek, Joseph G. Iowa State University
1994 Hunt, Melvin C. Kansas State University
1993 Costello, William J. South Dakota State University
1992 Moody, William G. University of Kentucky
1991 Skelley, Jr., George C. Clemson University
1990 Addis, Paul B. University of Minnesota
1989 Bailey, Milton E. University of Missouri
1988 Parrish, Jr., Fredrick C. Iowa State University
1987 Dikeman, Michael E. Kansas State University
1986 Orme, Leon E. Brigham Young University
1985 Hedrick, Harold B. University of Missouri
1984 Smith, Gary C. Texas A & M University
1983 Aberle, Elton D. Purdue University
1982 Merkel, Robert A. Michigan State University
1981 Kinsman, Donald M. University of Connecticut
1980 Allen, Dell M. Kansas State University
1979 Carpenter, J. W. University of Florida
1978 Plimpton, R. F. The Ohio State University
1977 Kline, E. A. Iowa State University
1976 Kropf, Donald H. Kansas State University
1975 Carpenter, John A. University of Georgia
1974 Stouffer, James R. Cornell University
1973 Kelly, Robert F. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
1972 Kauffman, Robert G. University of Wisconsin
1971 Bratzler, L. J. Michigan State University
1970 Kunkle, L. E. The Ohio State University
1969 Adams, Charles H. University of Nebraska
1968 Kemp, James D. University of Kentucky
1967 Cahill, Vernon R. The Ohio State University
1966 Walters, Lowell E. Oklahoma State University
1965 Mackintosh, Davey L. Kansas State University