The R. C. Pollock Award

Sponsored in by the AMSA Development Council Robert Bray, Vern Cahill, and R. C. Pollock Mentor Recognition Funds

The R. C. Pollock Award is presented in honor of the first general manager of the National Live Stock and Meat Board. Pollock, a leader dedicated to the advancement of meat science, was the moving force in the establishment of the Reciprocal Meat Conference. The award honors a dedicated AMSA member whose work through teaching, extension, research, or service represents an extraordinary and lasting contribution to the meat industry.

Gordon W. Davis, Ph.D.

Headshot Davis

R.C. Pollock

CEV Multimedia and Texas Tech University

“From my 54 years in meat science, I have learned: it’s all about the kids, and it’s important to give back.”

- Gordon W. Davis, Ph.D.


R.C. Pollock by American Meat Science Association

2022 Savell, Jeffrey Texas A&M University
2021 Dikeman, Michael Kansas State University
2020 Forrest, John Purdue University
2019  McKeith, Floyd  University of Illinois 
2018 Berg, Paul  North Dakota State University
2017 Tatum,Daryl Colorado State University (Retired)
2016 Wise, Jimmy USDA & AMSA (Retired)
2015 Riemann, M. James
Certified Angus Beef® (Retired)
2014 Sebranek, Joe
Iowa State University
2013 Rust, Robert E. Iowa State University
2012 Hunt, Melvin C. Kansas State University
2011 Tompkin, R. Bruce Armour Swift-Eckrich
2010 Schmidt, Glenn R. Colorado State University
2009 Carr, Tom R. University of Illinois
2008 Aberle, Elton D. University of Wisconsin
2007 Anderson, David B. Elanco Animal Health
2006 Huffman, Dale L. Auburn University
2005 Allen, Dell M. Cargill Meat Solutions
2004 Moody, William G. University of Kentucky
2003 Kotula, Anthony W. United States Department of Agriculture
2002 Borchert, Larry L. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2001 Smith, Gary C. Colorado State University
2000 Mandigo, Roger W. University of Nebraska
1999 Cross, H. Russell IDEXX Food Safety Net Service, Inc.
1998 Johnson, H. Kenneth National Live Stock & Meat Board
1997 Kauffman, Robert G. University of Wisconsin
1996 Judge, Max D. Purdue University
1995 Cassens, Robert G. University of Wisconsin
1994 Johnson, V. K. North Dakota State University
1993 Cahill, Vernon R. The Ohio State University
1992 Adams, Charles H. University of Nebraska
1991 Kropf, Donald H. Kansas State University
1990 Hedrick, Harold B. University of Missouri
1989 Merkel, Robert A. Michigan State University
1988 Kemp, James D. University of Kentucky
1986 Walters, Lowell E. Oklahoma State University
1985 Kinsman, Donald M. University of Connecticut
1984 Sleeth, R. B. Armour Food Company
1983 Carpenter, Zerle L. Texas A & M University
1982 Christian, J. A. University of Georgia
1980 Kunkle, L. E. The Ohio State University
1979 Pearson, A. M. Michigan State University
1978 Mackintosh, Davey L. Kansas State University
1977 Bray, Robert W. University of Wisconsin