Ingredients and Techniques to Produce High-Quality Fermented Meat Products

Recorded Jul 11, 2023

Join the instructors of Salumi 101 as they discuss important concepts of fermented, dried, and cured meat processing.

Topics covered will include defining Salumi, history of fermented and cured meat products, ingredients, processing, and food safety.


Dr. Jonathan Campbell began his career in the meat industry in 1998 while working as an Animal Science undergraduate student in the Meat Laboratory at Clemson University. From 2000 – 2006, Jonathan served as the Meat Laboratory Manager. Jonathan then accepted a full-time extension associate and research position and joined the meat science group at Iowa State University. Campbell worked in Ames from 2006-2013, where he gained valuable knowledge and extensive experience in the area of processed meats and food safety. Jonathan then joined the Animal Science faculty at Penn State University on July 1, 2013 where he currently serves as the Extension Meat Specialist hosting numerous workshops and short courses annually. Campbell is also closely tied to meat and food processors in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S. and works on validating the safety of various processed meat items, specifically artisanal salumi and charcuterie style products.

Dr. Dana Hanson is an extension meat specialist at North Carolina State University (NC State) at the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. The Meat Science program at NCSU is built on the spirit of collaboration. Working together with various scientists from various departments has resulted in the development of numerous outstanding outreach programs for the diverse meat processing industry in North Carolina. These programs include Smithfield Pork 101, Basic and Advanced HACCP training for the Meat Industry, Salumi 101, NC State Charcuterie School and NC State BBQ Camp. Research has been focused on improving quality and safety of specialty meat products including air-dried country sausage, biltong and air-dried beef snack sticks. Dr. Hanson also teaches various undergraduate and graduate level courses within the Food Science and Animal Science Departments at NCSU. His classes include Muscle Foods, Food Preservation, Charcuterie, Pork Quality and Safety and the Food Industry Study Tour. NC State maintains a meat processing laboratory within the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. This facility is used to support teaching, research and extension programs on campus. It is also available for companies in North Carolina to conduct research and development activities that may not be possible at their operations. This university/industry partnership has been very productive over the years. It has fostered a great relationship with NCSU and the industry stakeholders by creating many new and profitable food products for market, but it also has allowed students in FBNS to gain valuable interaction with various meat processors in the state. 

Dr. John Henson has been a member of the ASAE faculty at CSU –Fresno for 23 years. He teaches courses and conducts applied research in the areas of Meat Science, Food Safety and Market Animal Evaluation. Dr. Henson graduated from Fresno State with a B.S. in Meat Technology in 1990. In 1992 Dr. Henson earned his M.S. from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, with a Meat Science emphasis. He received his Ph.D. from South Dakota State University in 1995. Dr. Henson was the Plant Manager at Busseto Foods prior to returning to academia. Dr. Henson works closely with industry partners across the country in the areas of food safety, plant design and innovative production practices.  

Dr. Jeff Sindelar is a Professor and Extension Meat Specialist in the department of Animal & Dairy Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a meats emphasis from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1999, a Master of Science in Animal Science/Meat Science at Michigan State University in 2002, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Meat Science at Iowa State University in 2006. In 2007 Jeff joined the Department of Animal Sciences and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in Fall of 2012 and Full Professor July 2020. Jeff joined the Food Research Institute in 2009 as an Affiliate Faculty and has served on their Executive committee since 2012. In his University of Wisconsin faculty capacity, Jeff provides assistance to meat processors in the areas of product development, problem solving and regulatory compliance. He also coordinates Meat Science workshops and training programs, and provides involvement and support to youth Meat Science related activities. Jeff also conducts research on quality and sensory characteristics of processed meats, non-meat ingredient functionality in meat products, and intervention strategies to control pathogenic bacteria in meat products. His research program thrusts have focused on food safety investigations regarding thermal processing, alternative curing, and other relevant processed meat food safety technologies and strategies. He holds 1 patent; has published 7 monographs/book/book chapters, over 40 refereed journal articles, and over 100 abstracts. Jeff has also given over 700 presentations on various Meat Science and Food Safety topics.