AMSA 74th RMC - Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Keynote Presentation - Innovations in Food Safety
Sponsored by empirical Foods

  • Practical Elimination of Raw Meat Microbiological Risk using Thermal Pasteurization, a Novel Meat-Safety-Driven Technology  - Manpreet Singh, Ph.D., Extension Food Safety Specialist and Professor, Department of Poultry Science, University of Georgia
  • Practical Elimination of Raw Meat Microbiological Risk using Thermal Pasteurization, a Novel Meat-Safety-Driven Technology – Nick Roth, President, empirical Innovations, Inc. and empirical Technology, Inc. 

International Keynote Presentation
Sponsored by PIC

  • How Meat Science Academic Programming Can Facilitate Undergraduate and Graduate Student International Exposure – Keith Belk, Ph.D., Professor and Head, Department of Animal Science as well as an Adjunct Professor in the Colorado School of Public Health

Concurrent Technical Sessions

More than Just Meat
Sponsored by Hormel Foods Corporation 

Consumers are continually interested in where their food comes from and its impact on the planet and people. At this concurrent session, speakers will highlight the role that livestock and meat play outside of being a nutrient-dense at the center of the plate. Livestock and meat play a role in improving planetary health and developing skills for the next generation.

  •   Utilization of by-products and food waste in livestock production systems: A Canadian Perspective - Kim Omniski, Ph.D., University of Manitoba –
  • (Silently) Sustainable: The Sometimes Surprising, Always Impactful Ways Rendering ‘s Sustainability Supports Livestock Beyond Food - Anna Wilkinson, National Renderer’s Association 
  • Participation in Livestock Programs Develop Life Skills in Youth - Clint Rusk,  Ph.D., Oklahoma State University –

Poultry to Pork – Lessons Learned With Salmonella
Sponsored by Smithfield Foods, Inc.

As new information and regulations develop in the pork industry for Salmonella, lessons from the poultry industry can be applied.  This concurrent session will look at poultry best practices, innovative ways to use whole genome sequencing, and new methods for capturing data on the level of risk associated with Salmonella contamination in meat.

  • Current Broiler Chicken Practices and How They can Potentially Apply to the Pork Industry in the U.S. - Kendra Waldbusser, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.
  • Whole Genome Sequencing Based Insights on Salmonella and how to Translate them to Improve Control - Martin Wiedmann, Ph.D., Cornell University
  • Strategies for a Risk-Based Approach to Controlling Salmonella Contamination in Meat - Dayna Harhay, Ph.D., USDA-ARS

Sensory and Consumer Testing Methods
Funded by The Beef Checkoff

There are many different factors that go into testing method used for sensory analysis such as objective, action standard, and audience. In this concurrent session, experts from different areas of the industry will illustrate examples of a variety of ways to use sensory methods. From descriptive to multivariate analysis, there are many questions you can answer by utilizing panelists and consumers.

  • Applying Consumer-Centric Research Design in Today’s World -   Kristen Dale, InsightsNow
  • Consumer Acceptability of Beef Steaks from Different USDA Quality Grades   - Koushik Adhikari, Ph.D., University of Georgia 
  • Understanding What Drives Consumer Acceptance: Linking Descriptive Analysis and Consumer Data through Multivariate Analysis  – Elizabeth Suter,  Tyson Foods, Inc.

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