The Extension-Industry Service Award

Sponsored by the Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education

The AMSA Distinguished Extension-Industry Service Award was established in 1965 to recognize outstanding achievement in meat science extension and service to the industry.

Jonathan Campbell, Ph.D.

Headshot Campbell

Extension and Industry Service Award

The Pennsylvania State University

"I have always been passionate about serving others. Meat Science Extension provides me with an opportunity to provide our industry with applied answers to real-world problems while also educating and helping the next generation to be even better people."

- Jonathan Campbell, Ph.D.


Distinguished Extension Industry Service by American Meat Science Association

2022 Lawrence, Ty West Texas A&M University
2021 Delmore, Lynn  Allied Food Safety
2020 Rentfrow, Gregg University of Kentucky
2019 Schroeder, Aubrey  Zoetis 
2018 Hanson, Dana North Carolina State University
2017 Brashears, Mindy  Texas Tech University 
2016 Eilert, Scott Cargill 
2015 Sindelar, Jeff University of Wisconsin
2014 Johnson, Roger Smithfield Farmland
2013 Sosnicki, Andrzej Kraft Foods Inc./Oscar Mayer Division
2012 Harris, Kerri B. Texas A&M University
2011 Cutter, Catherine The Pennsylvania State University
2010 Schultz-Kaster, Collette
Farmland Foods, Inc.
2009 Huffman, Randall K. Maple Leaf Foods
2008 Knipe, C. Lynn The Ohio State University
2007 Boyle, Elisabeth A. E. Kansas State University
2006 Mikel, W. Benji Mississippi State University
2005 Dryden, Forrest D. Hormel Foods Corporation
2004 Montgomery, Ted H. West Texas A&M University
2003 Riemann, M. James Certified Angus Beef
2002 Burson, Dennis E. University of Nebraska
2001 Griffin, Davey B. Texas A&M University
2000 McKeith, Floyd K. University of Illinois
1999 Henning, William R. Pennsylvania State University
1998 Hodges, James H. American Meat Institute
1997 Booren, Alden M. Michigan State University
1996 Hale, Daniel S. Texas A & M University
1995 Ray, Fred K. Oklahoma State University
1994 Wise, Jimmy W. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1993 Allen, Dell M. Excel Corporation
1992 Buege, Dennis R. University of Wisconsin
1991 Sleeth, R. B. Armour & Company
1990 Rogers, Robert W. Mississippi State University
1989 Marriott, Norman G. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
1988 Cordray, Joseph C. A. C. Legg Packing Co.
1987 Jones, William R. Auburn University
1986 Brandt, A. W. University of California-Davis
1985 Carr, Tom R. University of Illinois
1984 Reynolds, Aaron Estes University of Georgia
1983 Forrest, John C. Purdue University
1982 Murphey, C. E. Texas A & M University
1981 Romans, John R. University of Illinois
1980 Tauber, F. W. T.A.I. Consulting Co.
1979 Schafer, David E. Kansas State University
1978 Epley, Richard J. University of Minnesota
1977 Malkus, L. A. University of Connecticut
1976 Kean, G. R. Pennsylvania State University
1975 Orts, F. A. Texas A & M University
1974 Stringer, William C. University of Missouri
1973 vanStavern, B. D. The Ohio State University
1972 Reddish, R. L. University of Florida
1971 Schoonover, C. O. University of Wyoming
1970 Varney, W. Y. University of Kentucky
1969 Christian, John A. North Carolina State University
1968 Christian, James A. The University of Georgia
1967 Snyder, R. W. Texas A & M University
1966 Pierce, E. A. Cornell University
1965 Rust, Robert E. Iowa State University