The Signal Service Award and AMSA Fellow

Sponsored by Cargill, Johnsonville, LLC., Elanco Animal Health, Clemens Food Group, and CTI Foods.

The AMSA Signal Service Award was established in 1956 and is given to members in recognition of devoted service and lasting contributions to the meat industry and to the association. All Signal Service Award winners—current, past and future—are designated as an American Meat Science Association Fellow.

Wes Schilling, Ph.D.

Headshot Wes Schilling

Signal Service

Mississippi State University

"Serving AMSA, students, and the meat industry is awesome. I have been so blessed to be part of the meat industry, meat science community, and AMSA for the last 25 years. This organization is filled with God's grace and amazing people."

- Wes Schilling, Ph.D.

Signal Service - Schilling by American Meat Science Association

2022 Apple, Jason Texas A&M University, Kingsville
2022 Steward, Amy Tyson Foods, Inc.
2022 Scanga, John Meyer Natural Foods
2022 Delmore-Graves, Lynn Allied Food Safety
2022 Delmore, Robert  Colorado State University
2021 Xiong, Youling University of Kentucky
2021 Mafi, Gretchen Oklahoma State University
2021 Jones, Steven University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2021 Claus, James University of Wisconsin - Madison
2021 Beals, Sharon CTI Foods
2020 Clayton, Paul  Seaboard Foods
2020 Feik Pinkerton, Wendy Zoetis
2020 Miller, Rhonda Texas A&M University
2019  Booren, Betsy Grocery Manufacturers Association
2019 Goll, Steven Tyson Foods, Inc.
2019 Johnson, Dwain University of Florida
2018 Eilert, Scott Cargill
2018 Gwartney, Bucky USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
2018 Schaefer, Dan Cargill
2017 Berg, Eric North Dakota State University 
2017 Morgan, Brad Performance Food Group 
2017 Shackelford, Steven USDA, Agricultural Research Service 
2016 Boyle, Elizabeth A.E. Kansas State University
2016 Frye, Casey B. Burke Corporation
2016 Mikel, William Benjy John R. White 
2015 Seman, Dennis L Kraft Heinz Company
Bacon, Craig
Tyson Foods
2015 Miller, Markus F Texas Tech University
2014 Huff-Lonergan, Elizabeth Iowa State University
2014 Huffman, Randall Maple Leaf Foods, Inc.
2014 Lonergan, Steven Iowa State University
2013 Belk, Keith E. Colorado State University
2013 Griffin, Davey B. Texas A&M University
2013 Schultz Kaster, Collette M. Farmland Foods, Inc.
2012 Wheeler, Tommy R. USDA, ARS
2012 Burson, Dennis E. University of Nebraska
2012 Milkowski, Andrew L. University of Wisconsin
2011 Campano, Stephen G. Hawkins, Inc.
2011 Cordray, Joseph Iowa State University
2011 Tatum, J. Daryl Colorado State University
2010 Hale, Daniel S. Texas A&M University
2010 Sofos, John N. Colorado State University
2010 Davis, Gordon W. CEV Multimedia, Ltd.
2009 Berg, Paul T. North Dakota State University
2009 Dutson, Thane Oregon State University
2009 McMillin, Kenneth W. Louisiana State University
2008 Faustman, L. Cameron University of Connecticut
2008 Henning, William R. The Pennsylvania State University
2008 McKeith, Floyd K. University of Illinois
2007 Ray, Fred K. Outwest Food Company
2007 Hollingsworth, C. Ann Better Built Foods
2007 Reagan, James O. National Cattlemen's Beef Association
2006 Dolezal, H. Glen Cargill Meat Solutions
2006 Hand, Larry W. Smithfield Foods
2006 Sebranek, Joseph G. Iowa State University
2005 Koohmaraie, Mohammad U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
2005 Miller, Larry R. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
2005 Savell, Jeff W. Texas A & M University
2004 Abraham, Herbert C. Abraham Consulting
2004 Usborne, W. R. Caravelle Foods
2004 West, Roger L. University of Florida
2003 Buege, Dennis R. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2003 Jones, William R. Auburn University
2003 Meisinger, David J. National Pork Board
2002 Beermann, Donald H. University of Nebraska
2002 Costello, William J. South Dakota State University
2002 Schafer, David E. Kansas State University
2001 Booren, Alden M. Michigan State University
2001 Hodges, James H. American Meat Institute Foundation
2001 Keeton, Jimmy T. Texas A & M University
2000 Allen, Dell M. Excel Corporation
2000 Tompkin, R. Bruce Armour Swift-Eckrich
2000 Wise, Jimmy W. USDA Agricultural Marketing Services
1999 Calkins, Chris R. University of Nebraska
1999 Richert, Stanley H. Protein Technologies International
1999 Rogers, Robert W. Mississippi State University
1998 Berry, Brad W. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1998 Forrest, John C. Purdue University
1998 Hunt, Melvin C. Kansas State University
1997 Anderson, David B. Elanco Animal Health
1997 Reynolds, Aaron Estes University of Georgia
1997 Schmidt, Glenn R. Colorado State University
1996 Carr, Tom R. University of Illinois
1996 Kastner, Curtis L. Kansas State University
1996 Orme, Leon E. Brigham Young University
1995 Marriott, Norman G. Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University
1995 Ramsey, C. Boyd Texas Tech University
1995 Webb, Neil B. Webb Technical Group, Inc.
1994 Bailey, Milton E. University of Missouri
1994 Dikeman, Michael E. Kansas State University
1994 Romans, John R. South Dakota State University
1993 Parrish, Jr., Fredrick C. Iowa State University
1993 Schwartz, William C. Armour Swift-Eckrich
1992 Acton, James C. Clemson University
1992 Cross, H. Russell U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1992 Terrell, Robert N. Terrell Associates
1991 Aberle, Elton D. University of Nebraska
1991 Smith, Gary C. Colorado State University
1991 Wilson, G. D. American Meat Institute
1990 Marsh, B. Bruce University of Wisconsin
1990 Naumann, H. D. University of Missouri
1990 Rust, Robert E. Iowa State University
1989 Carpenter, John A. University of Georgia
1989 Mandigo, Roger W. University of Nebraska
1989 Moody, William G. University of Kentucky
1988 Henrickson, R. L. Oklahoma State University
1988 Huffman, Dale L. Auburn University
1988 Ziegler, J. H. The Pennsylvania State University
1987 Stringer, William C. University of Missouri
1987 Zobrisky, S. E. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1986 Borchert, Larry L. Oscar Mayer Company
1986 Breidenstein, Burdette C. Nat'l Live Stock & Meat Board
1985 Allen, C. E. University of Minnesota
1985 Judge, Max D. Purdue University
1984 Field, Ray A. University of Wyoming
1984 Kelly, Robert F. Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University
1983 Cassens, Robert G. University of Wisconsin
1983 Kotula, Anthony W. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1982 Kauffman, Robert G. University of Wisconsin
1982 Kropf, Donald H. Kansas State University
1982 Stouffer, James R. Cornell University
1981 Johnson, H. Kenneth Nat'l Live Stock & Meat Board
1981 King, G. T. Texas A & M University
1980 Carpenter, Zerle L. Texas A & M University
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1979 Cahill, Vernon R. The Ohio State University
1979 Palmer, A. Zane University of Florida
1978 Briskey, E. J. Campbell Inst.of Food Research
1978 Christian, J. A. University of Georgia
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1977 Kemp, James D. University of Kentucky
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1976 Johnson, V. K. North Dakota State University
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1975 Hedrick, Harold B. University of Missouri
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1974 Mullins, Aubrey M. University of Idaho
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1973 Hiner, R. L. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
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1971 Brady, D. E. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
1971 Butler, Jr., O. D. Texas A & M University
1971 Sleeth, R. B. Armour and Company
1970 Franklin, Kenneth R. Nat'l Live Stock & Meat Board
1969 Blumer, T. N. North Carolina State University
1969 Goeser, P. A. Swift and Company
1969 Walters, Lowell E. Oklahoma State University
1968 Sulzbacher, W. L. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
1967 Adams, Charles H. University of Nebraska
1966 Wellington, George H. Cornell University
1965 Cole, J. W. University of Tennessee
1964 Cullen, Max O. Nat'l Live Stock & Meat Board
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1963 Doty, D. M. American Meat Institute
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1962 Bratzler, L. J. Michigan State University
1962 Bray, Robert W. University of Wisconsin
1962 Snyder, R. W. Texas A & M University
1961 Kunkle, L. E. The Ohio State University
1960 Davis, R. B. Nat'l Live Stock & Meat Board
1959 Mackintosh, Davey L. Kansas State University
1958 Beard, F. J. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
1958 Loeffel, W. J. University of Nebraska
1958 Stillwell, E. C. Ontario Agricultural College
1957 Anderson, P. A. University of Minnesota
1957 Hall, J. L. Kansas State University
1957 Pollock, R. C. Nat'l Live Stock & Meat Board
1956 Bull, Sleeter University of Illinois
1956 Francioni, Jr., J. B. Louisiana State University
1956 Warner, K. F. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
1956 Ziegler, P. T. The Pennsylvania State University