Meat Judging Contest Resources

  • Contest Scantrons
    • Placing Card 1-5 Card
    • Placing Card 6-10 Card
    • Yield Grade Card
    • Quality Grade Card
    • Specifications Card
    • Questions Card
    • Reasons Card
  • Contest Worksheets- COMING SOON!
  • Specifications Cheat Sheet- Will be provided to students during the spring contest season ONLY.

Contest Registration Scantron

Meat Evaluation Resources

USDA Marbling Cards
Click the link to purchase a set of the USDA marbling cards. Set of 6 official color prints illustrating the lower limits of degrees of marbling. (Slight through Moderately Abundant).

Intercollegiate Contest Materials
PDF files for official contest cards and other materials.

Processed Meat Judging Resources
Judging Guidelines, image gallery, and other resources.

2003 RMC Meat Judging Clinic
Placing class pictures with officials and reasons.

2010 RMC Meat Judging Resources 
Includes links to Power Points, handouts, and image galleries of example classes, grading, specs etc.

AMSA Meat Evaluation Handbook
A highly valuable meat resource publication you can't be without! 

Pork Quality Cards
National Pork Board – Pork Store

Beef Ribeye Grids

Art Design Services Company
4910 Decatur St, Ste 104
Hyattsville, MD, 20781
Phone 301-982-7304Fax 301-277-7307
Ask for #3 Beef Ribeye Grids

Beef Probes

Visit the Nasco on-line catalog
Or call Nasco at 800-558-9595, catalog number C02615N-65
Price: $2.95 each or $2.45 each for 100 or more.

Ribeye Paper
Shield Manufacturing Corporation

1142 S.E. 29th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73129-6438
Phone 405-677-6222

Pork Backfat Probes
Visit the Nasco on-line catalog.

Or call Nasco at 800-558-9595, catalog number C00155N
Price: $2.48 each or $2.19 each for 100 or more

Pork, Lamb and Goat Grids

Grids are sold through Iowa State
Price: $1.50 each 

Meat Identification Flash Card Set, Slide Sets and other instructional materials

Meat Identification Tutorial
DVD study system that includes high resolution photos and customizable quizzes to recognize and properly identify the 135 retail cuts and their corresponding primal cuts on the species of beef, pork and lamb in preparation for the Retail Meats ID competition.