Celia Miller Memorial Fund Donate

Proceeds from the Celia Miller Memorial Fund will underwrite the AMSA meat judging activities through the support of the judging intern program.

Celia MillerCelia Miller, the wife of AMSA member Mark Miller (Texas Tech University) impacted hundreds of students. Being the spouse of a judging coach is not easy. It means many late nights, many forfeited weekends, and days alone as the coach travels with the team.  But there is also a great opportunity to support, love and encourage numerous students. Celia Miller selflessly embodied the role of the “coach’s wife”. Celia was the perfect “mom away from home” for countless students and meat judging teams over the past thirty years.

Mark and Celia generously opened their home to many students each year and welcomed them as a part of their family. Their house had a revolving door allowing any student in need of a home, a safe place, some tough love or encouragement a place to go. Celia viewed each person who walked through as a loved child of God. By opening their home, Mark and Celia were able to set an amazing example of marriage and family to students. All who walked through their doors were able to witness the love and respect Mark and Celia had for each other and their children.

Celia set the standard for many students on what it means to be a supporting, loving, spouse and parent all while keeping her spunky sense of humor and spirt. At the end of a long day at the plant, teams would arrive to an amazing hot meal and hugs and kisses from Celia.  Whether it was to stay the night on meat judging road trips, to watch “A Christmas Story” together during the holidays, to have Sunday dinner or to just stop by for a visit, all were always welcome.

Most students who could not travel home for the holidays spent Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving and even Christmas with the entire Miller family.  All the Millers opened their home and their hearts to those needing a place.  Many also spent numerous Sundays at church with the Miller family. Celia would insist students come over for Sunday dinner following church, and all eagerly obliged. Celia prepared awesome meals for students in desperate need of a home-cooked meal and never let anyone leave empty handed – leftover carne guisada and green chile stew, jars of salsas, jams or jellies, or the latest vegetable grown in her greenhouse.

Cooking was just one way she showed everyone love, but ultimately, she had a gift for loving others unconditionally. Celia had a way of making the students feel close to home even when they were hundreds or thousands of miles from it. She would always provide an ear to listen, as if we were her own children, gave us advice and prayed with us. Celia was an amazing, one-of-a-kind woman with a servant’s heart. She will always be loved and dearly missed.