Concurrent Session II: Basic, Applied and Social Science Driving Development

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 Meat processing with minimally incorporated ingredients and additives addresses clean label and growing societal concerns for over-formulation and ultra-processing. This session will discuss strategies to implement healthy meat processing in a challenging industry. 

Keeping it Simple is not so Simple 
Speaker: Danika Miller, Senior Food Scientist, Tyson Foods, Inc.

The term “clean label” is context based and confusing, and it can be changed to the “keep simple” mantra. How do we keep a formulation and ingredient statement simple and what is more simple than adding meat and animal derived ingredients to meat products? How do we minimize the differences between product quality and safety and production efficiency? Join us at Danika Miller discusses these challenges in her presentation.

Broth as a Functional Ingredient in Meat Systems
Speaker: Brandy Coley, National Account Manager, Essentia Protein Solutions

Meat proteins in the form of broth can be utilized as a clean label functional ingredient to improve yields, throughputs, and quality in meat systems. This presentation will discuss using meat proteins as a tool to improve processed meat and poultry products and processes.

Functional Ingredients for Increased Quality and Label Appeal
Speaker: Michael Cropp, Ph.D., Technical Service Manager, Kemin Food Technologies

An overview of functional ingredients available to meat and poultry processors in a variety of applications to improve quality and enhance processing characteristics. Comparing legacy “gold standard” ingredients with modern alternative options and discussing new advancements. Dive into muscle and vegetable-based proteins that can be applied to battered/breaded fried foods for reduced oil absorption (nutritional and processing benefits) and improved breading adhesion with a less greasy/crispier bite. In addition to a discussion of opportunities to leverage ingredients to improve water-binding, processing yield, and the consumer's experience.