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AMSA Member since:

  • 1997 – present

Current AMSA Committees:

  • Webinar advisory board committee member

Previous AMSA Committees

  • Board director 2011-2014
  • Advisor and board liaison with student board of directors
  • Award selection – Achievement Award committee chair
  • Intercollegiate meat judging contest official committee member
  • Professional member sponsor of student board of directors
  • Professional member sponsor/host/organizer of student leadership conference
  • Graduate student research competition committee member
  • President and board selection committee member
  • Abstract and student research competition committee member
  • Webinar advisory board committee member
  • Reciprocal meat conference planning committee member
  • Founding member of student board of directors

RMC Participation in past five years

  • 2018 attended Kansas City
    • Presented in concurrent session -  What does this picture indicate about marination?
                      Booth at Career Fair
  • 2017 attended Texas A&M
  • 2016 attended San Angelo, TX
    • Reciprocation presentation -  All species are getting bigger – How do we handle and is the trend here to stay?
    • Reciprocation moderator
    • Booth at Career Fair
  • 2015 did not attend RMC
  • 2014 attended Madison, WI
    • Reciprocation presentation - Managing Career and Family

Other Committees/Organizations you are involved with


  • Cargill Kansas State Fellows Committee, 2019 to present
  • American Society of Animal Science Midwest Section Award Committee Member, 2017 to present
  • Kansas State University Adjunct Graduate Faculty 2008 to present


  • North Butler 4-H Club, Butler County Kansas volunteer supporting gavel games and club tour committee. 2017 to present
  • Circle Recreation Organization, Benton, Kansas youth assistant basketball coach. 2017/18 and 2018/2019
  • P.E.O. philanthropic organization where women celebrate the advancement of women through scholarships, grants, and loans for women to achieve their highest aspirations. Member, 2000 to present.

What do you see as a) the most challenging area of improvement for AMSA in the next 3 years:

The foundation of AMSA’s purpose is to provide meat science knowledge.  To meet this purpose, the challenge to the organization and our members is to be the active voice of science.  Investment and purposeful planning is required to foster the advancement of both basic and applied meat science research and disseminating the knowledge through communication channels relevant to all stakeholders.

and b) what is the highest priority goal AMSA needs to have for 2020? 

Expanding professional development for both student and professional members.  As the leading organization for meat scientists and for individuals with careers associated to the meat industry, thinking differently in how AMSA provides professional development is required to meet the talent needs in the quickly evolving protein industry.  Connecting the knowledge to the members is needed to advance the application of science expertise.  This requires new learning and career development opportunities for our students to fill the academia teaching and research needs and providing experiences to easily transition into industry roles.  To grow professional members, it requires on-going adjustments of how the gained knowledge is communicated to be easily absorbed and quickly applied.



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