Moody Mentor Recognition Presented in Lincoln, NE

Jul 02, 2015

Moody Mentor Recognition Presented in Lincoln, NE

AMSA is honored to announce the establishment of the Dr. William G. Moody  Mentor Recognition Fund.  This mentorship was presented during the awards banquet at RMC on Tuesday, June 16.

As a professor and mentor to so many for over 35 years at the University of Kentucky, Dr. William Moody was not only was the model mentor, he created many future model mentors to further add to the legacy of the University of Kentucky, the American Meat Science Association and the profession of meat science.  Beyond Bill’s efforts in the classroom and laboratory at UK, he served many professional societies in many capacities, culminating as President of the American Meat Science Association. Further, Bill constantly served the industry so closely associated to his home in Kentucky, the country ham industry, as a valued advisor and confidant. His enthusiasm, integrity, devotion, compassion and dedication underscore great character in a man who nurtured the success of others in industry and life.

The American Meat Science Association mentor recognition program gives members a unique avenue to recognize the professional mentors or colleagues who have influenced their careers. The program allows such members to make a contribution for special activities in the name of the honored person.

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