Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Nov 19, 2015
As Giving Tuesday approaches on December 1, the AMSA Educational Foundation encourages all AMSA members to consider a gift to the Century Club or one of the mentor recogntion funds. The committees for the funds listed below are working towards getting them fully funded.

Dr. Robert Rust (Iowa State) has been an innovating extension specialist to the meat industry. He created technology short courses that were the first university classes offered to the meat processing industry. A member of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame, he has served as a consultant to meat processors and been part of educational programs in the United States and more than 30 other countries.

Dr. Melvin Hunt (Kansas State) has made industry-changing contributions through the research of meat color, pigment chemistry and meat processing. His work has improved important US food safety standards, and universities across the globe have asked him to help develop their meat science curricula. Many of his former graduate students serve prominently in government, industry, and academia.

Dr. Chris Raines (Penn State) was an assistant professor of meat science and technology in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science. He was a pioneer in the use of social media as educational and communication tools. In addition to tweets that reached countless readers, he wrote a popular blog, meatblogger.com, about how meat is produced, how people consume it, and its health implications. The proceeds from the mentorship fund will build on the legacy he started before his death.

Robert Kauffman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) has influenced the career paths of many students and created several innovative methods of testing and coordinating learning for students. He also contributed to the pork industry by helping define a fourth lean quality type and by patenting a method of improving color, water-holding capacity and tenderness in pork, beef, poultry and lamb muscles.

Dr. Tom Carr (University of Illinois) has received various awards for the excellence in teaching and mentoring that has helped advance a new generation of meat scientists. A long-time judging team coach, he is credited with helping send more than 50 percent of team participants on to meat industry employment or to pursuing advanced degrees. He has enriched AMSA with numerous leadership roles in both executive and committee capacities as AMSA has grown and evolved.

For more information or to make a donation now, head over to www.meatscience.org/mentors

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