Foundation Announces Innovation Fund

Sep 29, 2016
The AMSA Educational Foundation announces the new name and a new attitude for its unrestricted resources: the Innovation Fund.


"Innovation is an important part of what we are doing with the AMSA Educational Foundation," says Keith Belk, Foundation Chair. "Launching new programs, responding quickly when there's a need for accurate information in government or media, equipping students or young professionals with a boost of training right when they need it - AMSA needs flexible funds to step into opportunities like these. This is what the Innovation Fund is about."

2016SLC3small 2016 is the eighth year that the Foundation has sponsored the Student Leadership Conference. Unrestricted funds allowed the Foundation to meet this important need right away and to continue support while the conference became established and more self-sufficient. It's an event that has been preparing meat science students for a more influential future.  “SLC is a great opportunity to network with students from other universities. You gain an understanding of the importance of values when tasked with future industry discussions," explained Aaron Tapian, Kansas State University.  "You walk away with a few more tools to enhance your skill set."

Adapting to our changing field, creating white papers or new publications, and meeting unexpected challenges are all made possible by flexible funds like these earmarked for the future. Gifts large and small energize the Innovation Fund. Donors can start small by contributing merely $100 annually to become members of the CENTURY CLUB. Several AMSA members with powerful visions for the future soon will be announcing plans for their dreams for the Innovation Fund. To learn more, visit http://meatscience.org/amsa-foundation.


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