Maidah Khaliq


First of all, I would like to thank American meat science association for giving me the opportunity to attend the 69th Reciprocal meat science conference held in San Angelo, Texas from Jun 19 - 21, 2016. I was honored to be a part of the reciprocal conference and it was very enriching experience for me specially being the first time attendee.. The conference was well organized in a professional manner where I was given with plenty of opportunity to network and attend a broad range of informative sessions with experts to increase my scientific knowledge as well as well planned evening entertainments to relax and make the conference memorable.    The conferences was very informative and provided me with the opportunity to ascertain about the meat sector in USA, their technology , consumer perception, product development,  innovations and problems related to export. I am fortunate enough to receive C. Boyd Ramsey RMC Scholar Award, and I thank the AMSA foundation, C. Boyd Ramsey and AMSA Student mentorship for their consideration and award. The graduate student research completion was an excellent opportunity to show case my research skills and share my results with the meat scientist and fellow students in a very healthy competitive way. I really liked the networking breaks in between technical sessions that gave me an excellent opportunity to interact with fellow meat scientist and discussed the current meat trends around the world.  Career fair, student/ professional mentor program and reciprocation sessions were the highlights for me where I get to be acquainted with and gain knowledge from all the professionals in their areas of expertise in meat science and technology sector. Overall the conference was a complete package full of information and entertainment with lots of opportunities for the students to mingle with the scientist, showcase their research work via poster competition and interact with each other in student’s night out and networking opportunities.

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