PORK 101

PORK 101 is a hands-on experience designed to update participants on quality andPORK-Checkoff_clearPORK-101-Logo-4C_clear(1)consistency issues in the pork industry. The program is hosted by AMSA in cooperation with the National Pork Board and sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

PORK 101 is co-sponsored by the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP), North American Meat Institute (NAMI), and the Southwest Meat Association (SMA).

Dates & Locations

Program Description

PORK 101 is a hands-on educational opportunity to update interested participants on quality and consistency issues in the pork industry. It includes insight on value differences in swine, pork carcasses, pork primals and processed pork products due to quality variation.

Through PORK 101, you will have the chance to evaluate live hogs. The animals will be processed during the class with participants learning about grading, food safety and product processing. Finally, the class will make and sample processed product from the hogs including pumped loins, bacon, hams and sausage.

The program features:

  • General Production Practices
  • Hog Handling
  • Grading and Live Hog Evaluation
  • Lean Value Pricing
  • Quality Management at Slaughter
  • Hands-On Pork Slaughter
  • Measuring Carcass Quality and Composition
  • Hands-On Pork Carcass Fabrication
  • Processing Technologies and Hands-On Lab
  • Retail and Consumer Hot Topics

AMSA's PORK 101 Course!

AMSA's Pork 101 program gives hands-on experience to participants.

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