Wednesday, June 28, 2023


Keynote Session - 8:30-9:30 am

Session Sponsored by Kemin Food Technologies

Ignite Your Fire 

  • Speaker: Chef Stephen Giunta, Cargill

Concurrent Sessions 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Concurrent Technical Session VII -Managing What We Measure – Benchmarking the Meat Case ?

Session sponsored by the National Pork Board and empirical foods

In this session, speakers will provide an overview of how research is directed and prioritized in the animal protein industry. Use of quality audits in the beef and pork industry will be highlighted, with an emphasis on the history of audits and how their results have been used to address challenges and increase value. Additionally, past, current, and future challenges of the poultry industry will be examined. Join this session for an in-depth review of how the red meat and poultry industries can utilize data to prepare for future challenges and prioritize research.

National Beef Quality Audits—Addressing What is Important to Beef Buyers in the Supply Chain?

  • Speaker: Keith Belk, Ph.D., Colorado State University

Historical Perspective of the Pork Chain Quality Audits and the value to the Pork Industry

    Speaker: Jerry Cannon, Ph.D., Hormel Foods Corporation

National Beef Quality Audits — Measuring Factors Related to Quality, Quantity, and Value of Cattle, Carcasses, and By-Products

Speaker: Jeff Savell, Ph.D., Texas A&M University

National Pork Board - Pork Retail Benchmarking

  • Speaker: David Newman, Ph.D., Arkansas State University 

Recent Trends in Fresh Meats Packaging Offered to Consumers in the U.S.

  • Speakers: Mark Miller, Ph.D., Texas Tech University; Edward Moore, Sealed Air, CRYOVAC®, and Karla Rodriguez, Texas Tech University

Poultry Meat Quality: Issues of Past, Present, and Future

  • Speaker: Casey Owens, Ph.D., University of Arkansas

 Concurrent Technical Session VIII - Modern Advancements in Science and Technology in Processed Meats

Session sponsored by JBT

The processed meats industry is continually shifting to accommodate customer needs and demands. Clean label, yield enhancements, product pricing, production efficiencies and labor issues all affect the advancement of the industry. This concurrent session will address the science around the replacement of “traditional” ingredients of processed and marinated meat and poultry products and move pivots into some solutions surrounding production efficiencies and labor issues.

Fat Replacement in Processed Meats: Modern Advances, New Frontiers

  • Speaker: Rodrigo Tarté, Ph.D., Iowa State University

Proteus® Functional Proteins for Yield Enhancement in Processed Meat

  • Speaker: Michael Cropp, Ph.D., Kemin Food Technologies

New Thermal Dynamic Technologies for Smoking/Cooking/Chilling Pork Bellies in Continuous Systems

  • Speaker: Tom Bako, Bak Food Equipment (Formerly EPS-Nowiki USA)

Post Conference Workshop - 1:00-2:30 pm

Flavor Building Blocks, From Classic to Modern Workshop

Sponsored by Cargill

Don’t miss an opportunity to explore flavor creation and tasting featuring 3 Chef stations from our partners at Givaudan, Griffith Foods and Cargill.  The Chefs will present a side by comparison of braised versus Sous Vide, Herb-infusion, and Modern applications of Global flavors.  Hands on opportunity with small plate tastings.

  • Speakers:  Chef Stephen Giunta, Cargill; Chef Randall Prudden, Cargill; Logan Holmes, Givaudan; Chef Chris Sutthoff, Givaudan; Chef Tim Baran, Griffith Foods; and Chef Chris Schwellenbach, Griffith Foods