Culinary Creativity at ConAgra Foods in Omaha, Nebraska

Jul 01, 2015
Anxious for the day’s activities 108 student members arrived at ConAgra Foods Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Students were split up into twelve teams, all named after ConAgra Products. Teams were tasked with creating three dishes: one appetizer, one main dish and one featuring ground beef. Each dish was to include a minimum of two ConAgra products. This year the secret ingredient was beef clod, contestants needed to break down the clod to utilize it in their dishes and to make the ground beef. Students also had access to the ConAgra kitchen and an endless array of spices. Five judges eagerly awaited the contestant’s culinary creations. Once the dishes were presented and the aprons were removed the winners were revealed. The winning team was Orville Redenbacher’s, with team members Blythe Beavers, Kelsey Carlson, Jordan Juckel, Zachary Krug, Reagan Mitchell, Chance Reeder, Maggie Shane, Joanna Swenson and Carla Weissend. Awards were also given for most cohesive meal, best knowledge of meat and cookery, most creative and the team that used the most ConAgra product. Thank you to ConAgra Foods for their generous support of the Iron Chef Competition!

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