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C. Boyd Ramsey's Impact on Students Recognized at Judging Contest

Jan 13, 2015
AMSA honored emeritus member C. Boyd Ramsey at the Cargill High Plains Judging Contest awards banquet Sunday evening with the presentation of the Mentor Recognition Plaque. Mark Miller (Texas Tech University) and AMSA Board Member Gretchen Mafi (Oklahoma State University) noted the highlights of Dr. Ramsey's teaching and research career at the University of Tennessee and Texas Tech University. He has a strong reputation for his rigor as a teacher and his precision as a scientist. The mentor recognition plaque featured a bas relief sculpture of Dr. Ramsey by meat scientist-turned-artist David Anderson.

AMSA Executive Director Thomas Powell notes that Dr. Ramsey's commitment to the meat judging program is especially significant. Ramsey led the effort to modernize meat judging scoring, writing the program that was used for years to accurately and quickly process results. The algorithms and code formed the basis of the scoring systems used in today's contests not only for AMSA, but for other judging programs in several disciplines.

The Mentor Recognition program allows AMSA members to recognize important individuals in their lives through the establishment of an AMSA Educational Foundation fund in the name of the mentor. Over $30,000 has been raised for the C. Boyd Ramsey fund. Proceeds from the fund will assist future students in attending the Reciprocal Meat Conference.

In addition to family and colleagues of Dr. Ramsey, one of the Charter Donors to the fund was the AMSA Student Membership. The Student Board of Directors designated a portion of the 2013 T-Shirt Auction fundraising proceeds for the Ramsey fund. They made similar contributions to the Dell Allen, Jimmy Wise and Robert Cassens funds.
This marks the fifteenth fully funded mentor recognition since the program's inception five years ago. Three new funds opened in 2014 to recognize H. Russell Cross, Robert Rust and Bill Moody. For more information on the AMSA Educational Foundation and the Mentor Recognition program, check out http://foundation.meatscience.org

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