Meat Science Faculty

Michael Colle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Focus Area: Red meat color and quality, packaging, muscle chemistry, meat aging and enzyme activity
(208) 885-6007

Phil Bass, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Focus Area: Beef carcass quality, alternative fabrication, meat merchandising, dry-aged meats
(208) 885-0990

Matt Doumit, Ph.D., Professor, Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Focus Area: Meat aging and enzyme activity, muscle cell biology, meat quality
(208) 885-7984


Contact Person

Dawn Pollard
Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences
Student Support Specialist
(208) 885-2030

The meat science team at the University of Idaho focus their research efforts on beef and lamb quality, adding carcass value, and improvements in product merchandising.  Meat science faculty at the University of Idaho do their best to maintain a close working relationship with meat processors, suppliers, and retailers of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest, as well as nationally, to maintain relevancy and connect their students to industry careers after graduation.

The primary classes taught in the AVS department relating to the meat science discipline include Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation (AVS 263) and Animal Products for Human Consumption (AVS 363).  A few additional concentrated discipline classes are also offered that build off of the afore mentioned courses and focus on value-added meat products, meat animal evaluation competition, and advanced meat fabrication.  Dr. Bass is an advisor for the Student Idaho Cattle Association and Dr. Colle advises the University of Idaho chapter of Block & Bridle as well as the Livestock Judging Club. 


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