Meat Science Faculty

Don H. Beermann, Professor

Focus Areas:  Cellular, endocrine and metabolic aspects of skeletal muscle growth, metabolism modifiers, the physiology and biochemistry of muscle as a food, institutional animal care programs, and research compliance.

Dennis E. Burson, Professor

Focus Area: Extension meat specialist who works with food safety and HACCP programs, quality, consistency and value of beef and pork, and 4-H & FFA meats judging.

Chris R. Calkins, Professor

Focus Area: Specializes in value-based marketing, beef tenderness and palatability, meat composition, muscle characterization and value.

Steve J. Jones, Professor

Focus Area: Undergraduate education (both resident and distance) in meat science and meat animal growth and development.   Research in the factors the alter growth and development in meat animals.

Roger Mandigo, Professor Emeritus

Focus Area: Manufacturing and processing fresh meat; cured and smoked meats; emulsions, additives, thermal processing and palatability.

Ty Blaine Schmidt, Assistant Professor

Focus Area: Improving meat quality and quantity through pre-harvest intervention; nutrition, animal health, management, and growth enhancement technology.

Gary Sullivan, Assistant Professor

Focus Area:  Improving quality, shelf life, and value of processed meats; meat curing systems, non-meat ingredients, and processing technologies.  Impacts of livestock production practices on processed meat quality and shelf life. 

Harshavardhan Thippareddi, Professor

Focus Area:  Extension food safety specialist working on intervention technologies to control foodborne pathogens, non-thermal food processing and safety, rapid methods for foodborne pathogens, predictive microbiology, and development and evaluation of food safety systems.

Contact Person

Steve J. Jones
A213 Animal Science Department
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0908
Phone: 402-472-5566
Fax: 402-472-6362
Email: sjones1@unl.edu

Other Resources

Department website: http://www.animalscience.unl.edu/ or go directly to the UNL Meat Science page

University Graduate Student website: http://www.unl.edu/gradstudies

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