The American Royal Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest was held October 17, 2004 at Tyson Fresh Meats in Emporia, Kansas.

Top Individuals, A Division

  1. Danielle LaVista, Tarleton State University
  2. Brandt Edwards, Tarleton State University
  3. Chance Evans, Garden City Community College
  4. Dustin Carnahan, Clarendon College
  5. Jeremy Lorenzo, Fort Scott Community College
  6. Joel Polifka, Fort Scott Community College
  7. Jason Gaston, Tarleton State University
  8. Brandon Borgstedt, Clarendon College
  9. Landi Woolley, Tarleton State University
  10. Chase Bontrager, Fort Scott Community College

Top Individuals, Sr. Division

  1. Cory Rains, Texas Tech University
  2. Travis Herod, Texas Tech University
  3. Matthew Heleniak, Oklahoma State University
  4. Josh Powell, Texas A&M University
  5. Timothy Campbell, Oklahoma State University
  6. Jessica Henderson, Texas A&M University
  7. Stacy Loutzenhiser, Colorado State University
  8. Andrew Everts, South Dakota State University
  9. Ellen Tom, Texas A&M University
  10. Christine Leick, University of Illinois

Top 5 Teams, A Division

  1. Tarleton State University
  2. Fort Scott Community College
  3. Clarendon College
  4. Garden City Community College
  5. Eastern Oklahoma State College

Top 5 Teams, Sr. Division

  1. Texas Tech University
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. Oklahoma State University
  4. South Dakota State University
  5. University of Illinois

In total, 118 contestants from 20 teams participated in the contest.

Awards were sponsored by A.C. Legg, Inc., Advance Food Company, American Angus Association, American Hereford Association, Allen Brothers, Inc., American Royal, Cattlemen's Carcass Data Service, Equity Group, Flint Hills Foods, The "Illini in Indiana", Livestock and Seed Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA, National Beef, National Lamb Feeder's Association, National Pork Board, National Steak & Poultry, Premium Standard Farms, Research Management Systems, Shield Manufacturing Corporation, South Dakota Beef Industry Council, Swift & Company, Tyson Fresh Meats and Wolverine Packing Company. The awards banquet was sponsored by the American Royal and Tyson Fresh Meats.

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