Lonestar Classic Youth Meat Judging Contest

AMSA is excited to host the Lonestar Classic Meat Judging Contest for 4H and FFA youth! The contest will be held February 6, 2021 in Ennis, Texas at Columbia Meat Packing. The contest will be held immediately following the intercollegiate contest at 5:00pm central time. Awards will be announced immediately after the contest.  Contact Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org) with any questions. 

Click here to register for the Lonestar Classic Youth Contest!

To register for the contest:

  1. Click the link above. You may be asked to log in or select New Visitor Registration if you do not have a login. Once you register you may continue on to the contest registration.
  2. Select 'Self Registration'
  3. The Individual Fee will show as $25. Select Next
  4. Complete your team/contestant information. 
  5. Confirm & Submit Registration - this page should show a Subtotal of $25. Click 'Register Now"
  6. If you are registering multiple contestants, select Continue Shopping to purchase additional registrations. Once you are finished, you can Check Out. 


  1. Each County Extension Agent or FFA Advisor may enter any number of individuals in the contest. The top 3 individual scores will count for the 4-H team score and the top 4 individual scores will count for the FFA team scores. Depending on the number of participants, there will be separate divisions for Junior 4H, Senior 4H, and FFA. 
  2. Individuals can register to compete for individual awards without having enough students to make a team score. 

Contest Format:

The contest will follow the following format. There will be 10 minutes to complete each class. For the placing classes of carcasses and cuts, contestants will have a two minute stand-back period with an initial walk-by. Contestants will also be given a one minute warning before time is up for each class. No stand back period will be required for retail cut identification, retail cut classes and beef grading classes. Questions will be answered within the rotation of the contest and notes can be used. There will be 5 questions from 2 placing classes and all 10 questions will be answered in the same 10 minute rotation. There will not be oral reasons or a written exam for this contest.

  1. Placing Class One with 5 questions
  2. Placing Class Two with 5 questions
  3. Placing Class Three
  4. Placing Class Four
  5. Placing Class Five
  6. Placing Class Six
  7. 30 Retail ID - 3 rotations of 10 each
  8. Two Beef Yield and Quality Grading Rotations - Two rotations of three carcasses (6 carcasses total). Yield and quality grades will be evaluated at the same time. Grading scores will not count for 4H contestants overall scores.

    Placing Classes will be selected from the following list:
    • Beef Carcasses
    • Pork Carcasses
    • Lamb Carcasses
    • Beef Wholesale Cuts
    • Pork Wholesale Cuts
    • Lamb Wholesale Cuts
    • Retail Cuts
    Each placing class will be worth 50 points. Questions will be worth 5 points a piece for a total of 50 points. Retail ID will be worth a total of 300 points. Quality and Yield Grading will be a total of 120 points. The total contest will be worth 770 points

Contest Information

  1. Contestants must provide their own hard hats, hairnets, beard nets if needed, and white frocks. Close-toed shoes are required. Warm clothes should be worn.
  2. Scantron sheets and note cards will be provided by AMSA. Contestants need to bring #2 pencils and unmarked clipboard.
  3. Coaches may be asked to serve as group leaders. 
  4. Masks must be worn at all times. Social distancing measures will be implemented. Contestants and coaches will be asked to sign a waiver to participate. 

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