Foundation Launches Century Club Initiative

Nov 19, 2015

"Flexible funds are key for grabbing new opportunities"

"It's MY century!"

The AMSA Education Foundation announces the new CENTURY CLUB initiative. "This is an easy opportunity for every member to make a lasting impact," explains Foundation Trustee Wendy Pinkerton. With a gift of just $100 annually to the education fund, any member - even students - can help make AMSA nimbler in its response to opportunities and stronger to support and expand educational programs. "We can all agree that these abilities are crucial to AMSA's continued success," Pinkerton says, "yet the general education fund is one of the least developed Foundation funds." The Foundation is looking for 100 or more AMSA members ready to change that with a $100 annual gift. CENTURY CLUB donors will be honored online and will receive special recognition at RMC.

In spite of constraints, "the AMSA Education Foundation has left an oversized footprint in the field of meat science this year," reports AMSA Executive Director Thomas Powell. Unrestricted educational funds have allowed AMSA to move into consumer education through TheMeatWeEat.com. AMSA's scientific input helped shape U.S. dietary guidelines, and AMSA equipped scientists to engage the public and the press on current issues like the dietary guidelines and the IARC report. That engagement helped tip the public discussion toward sound science.

It is not unusual for the AMSA Education Foundation to be quietly, frugally working behind the scenes on efforts that have a large impact. Foundation-funded white papers have provided well-researched guidance on policy and regulation. For years, the foundation has focused on student development. Not only has student membership increased to 800, but these students also are being inspired and coached in leadership, communication, and careers. Other non-profit associations are looking to AMSA as a model for mentoring students into successful young professionals. In addition, international memberships and cooperation have exploded to levels never before imagined. Stateside and globally, AMSA is connecting academia and industry more effectively than ever. "Flexible funds are key for grabbing new opportunities," Pinkerton observes. With the CENTURY CLUB, the Foundation is preparing for an even more effective future.

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